Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue spray dye

The smurf turf on the course right now is dye from spraying winter weeds. These hard to get areas had to be sprayed by hand and the dye keeps us from overlapping. A double rate might delay spring green up.

New cartpath stakes

We have added new stakes for entering and exiting the the fairways. Instead of the 90 degree rule, carts will enter the fairway at the first stake and remain there until they reach the second one. The goal is to more evenly control traffic damage.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Out of Bounds Stakes

We are refurbishing the out of bounds stakes on the course and adding new ones where needed. These are being cut and painted in house by Randy Fowler and Jay Buice.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The cold weather took awhile to get here this winter, but now that it is the maintenance staff is busy spraying the dormant bermudagrass for weeds. Annual bluegrass is the biggest problem weed during the winter, and our goal is to get all of the dormant areas sprayed by mid March. The warm temperatures in December prevented the grass from going completely dormant, but now we can spray round up right over the top without inhibiting it’s spring green up. We have to be very careful not to spray near the greens or around areas overseeded with ryegrass. The round up will not move onto greens, as long as we give it plenty of time to dry before golfers walk on the sprayed areas. Windy days prevent us from spraying because we want to prevent unwanted drift. So we have to be very diligent to maximize the good days that we have. We need to be as clean as possible when spring arrives!